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Do you want to warm up like a professional singer?

​The professional singers I know and/or have worked with, warm up using lip trills (also called lip rolls) or tongue trills on moving note patterns.  The reason (you almost never hear about) is that it reduces the air pressure slightly and makes for a more gentle warm up.  There are a few other ways to do this.  I go over these in lessons.

​A side benefit is it may also prevent the larynx from rising for a little while.  If you have that problem, you will know it, by straining on high notes of having your voice "crack".

​Do you need to or have to use specific note patterns?  If you want the added benefit of a little ear training or "ear-voice" coordination, then specific notes can be beneficial. 

​If you want to just warm up, you can do slides or glissandos from low to high and from high to low, pitch-wise.   Start with the volume comfortably low and over a period of minutes you can gradually increase, a little at a time.    Glissando is the musical term for "slide".

​How long should you warm up?  It is different every day.  Some days 5 minutes is enough and some days it is not.  When your voice feels free and easy and you can sing a song in a relaxed manner, you are probably warmed up.  If you aren't, just warm up some more.  You can even add some sliding hums or notes on hums, if you have a pattern already; but, that is after the lip rolls or tongue trills.

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